Motivational Speaker Mary Alice Hill: An Inspiration to Women in Sports

There are countless of motivational speakers going around in the industry of inspirational talks today. There are so many, in fact, that there’s too many to count and definitely too many to tell apart. There are motivational speakers that stand out from the crowd. Sometimes it’s because of their charisma that allows them to get the audience’s undivided attention. Other times it’s because of something extraordinary the speaker has done or been through. In this case, it’s a little bit of both.

Her name is Mary Alice Hill, a sports motivational speaker that get her drive from the thing she loves most: sports. What makes her an exceptional motivational speaker? Maybe it’s because of her obvious drive when she conducts talks all over the country. Her schedule lets her travel around and speak to thousands of athletes and teams about achieving their dreams. When she conducts these talks, her audience is enraptured with Mary Alice Hill. They simply hang on to her every word. Her casual approach is both appealing and is something athletes can relates to. This combination of the sports motivational speaker’s traits lets her make an impact on her audience. Her ability to be effective in her talks doesn’t just come from her innate talent to connect with people. In other words, it’s not just her personality that grabs people and inspires them. Her ability to connect with her audience comes from her inspiring story of the fight for women’s rights in sports.

Mary Alice Hill’s background set her up for what was to come, and it was all for her love of sports. The motivational speaker was a track and field athlete and training for the Olympic team. This experience allowed her to coach in the same sport. She coached four Olympians and was also able to train record setting teams. Her success as a coach then opened up doors for her when Colorado State University offered her the Director of Women’s Athletics position. This happened in the same year women were given equal rights in sports. Because of Mary Alice Hill, women were given sports scholarships in 1973.

This victory in gender equality would give more opportunity for Mary Alice Hill to continue the good fight. More victories would include a Title IX sex discrimination case that changed the landscape of the sports community and the country. Among her numerous achievements, one of her crowning moments is when Mary Alice Hill was voted into the National Collegiate Athletics Association.

Her journey in the fight for women’s rights took her far and that’s why athletes and anyone who’s listened to her is inspired. It’s not just because of her charisma. It’s because of her character.

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A heroine to all women in Sports, Mary Alice Hill has changed the course of history by seeing that women’s sports are televised and given equal funding by law. She was an international competitor in Track and Field, which led her to eventually train four Olympians and coach record-setting teams.
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