About Mary Alice Hill

A heroine to all women in Sports, Mary Alice Hill has changed the course of history by seeing that women’s sports are televised and given equal funding by law. She was an international competitor in Track and Field, which led her to eventually train four Olympians and coach record-setting teams. She was the first Director of Women’s Athletics in the first year women were given this title nationally, at Colorado State University; the first to award an Athletic Scholarship for Women at CSU in 1973; won a Title IX sex discrimination lawsuit in a landmark case that set new standards. In 1976, Ms. Hill became Associate Athletic Director of Women’s Athletics at San Diego State University, and in 1978 Associate Athletic Director for both Men and Women, a first, including becoming Director in 1982, ten years before the next woman was appointed to that position. She brought new opportunities for women in a 75 year male-dominated organization (NCAA), including scholarships, televised events and the same opportunities as men. She even authored a Gender Equity Policy Procedures Manual at SDSU for the Men’s and Women’s program, which became a guide for colleges. She assured equal pay for the women coaches at SDSU. Ms. Hill was also President of the Western Athletic Conference, which consisted of all male Athletic Directors, and was elected to the prestigious National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Council, and this opened the door for women achieving equality in this field.

Mary Hill developed the first Drug and Alcohol Education and Testing Program (1982, ‘83) with assistance of the McDonald Center. This was a pilot program for all National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) member schools. She was also the Woman/Civilian Director of the Recreation Division at the Marine Corp Base at Camp Pendleton, CA, where she founded “Operation Desert Shield – Support Walk” in support of our military families. She even kicked off a Padres Game in San Diego and was a founding Member of the Council of Collegiate Women Athletic Administrators. With $35m project clients like Disney, Ms. Hill currently excels in Economic Development, Community Development, Tourism, Downtown Revitalization, Grant Writing and City Government. We celebrate her many historic accomplishments, a woman who has been called the most powerful woman in athletics.

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