Motivational speakers: Mary Alice Hill

Love Library at San Diego State University in ...

Love Library At San Diego State University In San Diego, California

Many may have already heard about Mary Alice Hill, a lady who has beaten all odds to see the female gender recognized and respected in sports that were formally viewed masculine. She is a living success story and she inspires upcoming athletes to live their dream. The fight has been tough involving courts at times but the lady who puts interests of others above those of self won the battle. She has been a sports girl, Director of Women’s Athletics and the first female head of the NCAA.

Shaggy did a great song praising the strength of the woman and Mary Alice Hill has exhibited in all her life what it means to be a selfless worker, focused on success and ready to jump all the hurdles of opposition in a male dominated world. She worked hard to see women’s sports televised and publicized just as much as male games were. Under her leadership and direction, ladies would also access scholarships to pursue their talents at equal opportunities as their male counterparts.

Having been a track field athlete herself, she became a very good and understanding instructor in the same field event. She got the tile in 1972. An athletic director is a sport overseer in an institution of higher learning such as a state University. Mary Alice Hill was a sports director in Colorado State University and later at the San Diego State University. Such a high position had not been held by a woman before in history.

A woman leader in sports education was needed in the United States to set ground for women to participate and get awarded in their specialties. Today, movements in African and eastern countries should see more ladies empowered to participate in sports education and sports.

In a legal battle, Mary A. Hill filed a case, Title IX sex discrimination lawsuit to claim women’s rights to participate in sports and get scholarships just like men. Her monumental win brought a change in the course of history when ladies were recognized and started being awarded scholarships and funding.

Mary Hill appeals to hearts in sports, having been a participant and breaking the ground in representation, funding and coaching in athletics, which led to great achievements of her teams in the Olympics and more records were broken. What a hero she is! She is a sure source of inspiration to all people in sports and other fields.


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