Women Motivational Speaker Mary Alice Hill Videos:

1) Inspirational Stories by Motivational Speaker Mary Alice Hill

Ms. Hill speaks about her upbringing in Missouri on a farm with her sisters. She was the “tomgirl” of the family, preferring outdoor activities, to indoor. She tells the story of how when she was in elementary and high school, there were very few sports opportunities for women, especially where scores were kept. Her evolution as one of the world’s premier sports pioneers has its origins in her childhood where she pushed herself to always improve, but needed doors to open for her to excel and shine. She has since opened innumerable doors for the athletic women who have followed in her heroic footsteps.


2) Mary Hill Speaks with Tracy Lamb at the Olympic Training Center

Listen to Sports Pioneer Mary Hill speak with the Director of the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Tracy Lamb. Mary comes back to San Diego 25 years after drafting the original concept for the Olympic Training Center for the City of San Diego. These two trainers of Olympians talk about her dream coming true, both after stellar careers shaping the lives and victories of some of the world’s greatest athletes. The Olympic Training Center is an oasis for champions. A sign on the drive in says “This is a no smoking facility” among flags from nations around the world.


3) Mary Alice Hill: Motivational Speaker & Champion for Women in Sports

In the truly vast field of the motivational speaker, there are a few who stand out. Sometimes it’s their sheer ability to capture the audience that sets them apart. Celebrity speaker Tony Robbins, whose big personality grabs hold of people’s hearts, has the ability to do that. At other times it’s because of something the speaker has done. In this case, it’s both.

She is Mary Alice Hill, a celebrated sport motivational speaker. Mary speaks at engagements all over the country and inspires thousands of athletes a year to push their individual and team limits. Her passion for athletics runs deep, and perhaps it is this trait that makes her that more effective in delivering her talks. It’s a passion that comes from her fight for a worthy cause; the fight for women’s sports.



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